The Pros of Losing My Hair

To be real, I know there are cons. I know I’ll get emotional when my hair starts to seriously thin (it’s already falling out-I’m shedding at a much more rapid pace than what’s normal for me), but I’m choosing to take a look at the silver lining(s) in this post so I can remind myself of them later on when I do a “con” post. 

Here we go!

– No hair clogs in the bathtub drain. I just had to remove a chunk the other day and damn, I don’t even know how I have hair left on my head as it is.

– No more shedding. Boo-ya! I hate hair getting stuck in towels, rugs, clothes, sheets, blankets, the wall of the shower (soon to be the drain, see previous item), etc. I swear I leave bits and pieces of my DNA all over the place.

– Shaving off (ha, hair humor) time getting ready in the AM. Shorter showers!!

– Saving money on hair products and hair cuts. More money to spend on chemo snacks and bag accessories.

– Less laundry since I won’t have to wash hair towels!!

– Wigs. I can have any hair I want. Multiple styles, if I want. Yeah, I know they can be a hot mess (like a hot, sweaty mess), but I can totally rock pink hair for a day if I want, and not worry about having to damage my hair. Rock on!

– I could lose other body hair as well. That could, potentially, mean no eyebrow plucking, leg/underarm shaving…just in time for…winter…y.a.y. Dammit. This might hit the con list for the whole “not being summer/shorts weather” aspect.

– When I pull my hair in a bun or a pony tail and lean back against a seat with a headrest, and my head can’t quite sit right because of the knot of hair at the back of my head…yeah, it would be nice to not have THAT problem!

– No hair tie headaches! I don’t think I need to elaborate here, the ladies know (and some men) the consequences of pulling your hair back into a tight updo. Hours later…ugh.

– Two words: blow dryer

– Two more words: straight iron 

– I can make Brad massage my feet since he won’t be able to wash my hair! (Him not being able to wash my hair will be on the con list, though.)

– I get to sport cute hats and head wraps and bandanas for quick, on the go looks. I think I mentioned once that I picked up a couple wraps for 99 cents each at Walgreens! 

– I can shower right before bed, or just shower and lay down, and not have to worry about a wet hair headache or totally horrible bedhed. 

– It’ll grow back. 

– When it grows back, it may be cooler than before.

Can anyone think of any other hair-loss pros?? Enlighten me!!

2 thoughts on “The Pros of Losing My Hair

  1. staceylei October 5, 2017 / 8:39 am

    No more having to vigorously brush those tangles out which causes you to pull all ya hair out in end any way!
    No bad hair days.
    No more greys 😛

    Sending you lots of love and hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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