I had my first post-op appointment with Dr JB and Dr H today. It went pretty well. They’re happy I have been comfortable and taking minimal pains medication, and everything looks good as far as the incision sites.

Unfortunately the margins weren’t perfect and there’s still a little bit of cancer left, like two or three cells. It’s nothing terrible and nothing should have to change as far as treatment goes. It means I will definitely have to have a mastectomy on the right side, but since I was planning on doing a bilateral mastectomy anyway, that doesn’t affect anything. Dr JB said that since I still have several cycles of Herceptin left, I should be fine as far as the oncology side goes, meaning I shouldn’t need to have more chemo. But I have an appointment with Dr YB this afternoon so I’ll talk to him more about that.

My lymph nodes came back clear, yay, so no radiation! That makes me super happy.

So I’ll update more later if Dr YB says something different regarding treatment, but for now everything still looks good and we’re on target for the mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in about three months.


Blood Counts Are In…

…and they’re good!

The Neulasta did (or is still doing) its job and my blood cell counts are high. Good news!

I went in today for that, and ended up staying for some IV fluids. I wasn’t fully dehydrated, just mildly so, and the fluids would make me feel better, so I signed myself up. 

I was able to eat a little more after that, then had a protein shake (brilliant suggestion by Nurse R at the oncologist), took a nap, and then had enough energy to go to class. Of course, I was exhausted by that point, but I feel like I finally had a productive day. 

Of course, I wasn’t able to work yesterday or today, and that sucks. I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated enough to make my sessions. I hate not having the energy or stamina to do the things I used to do, and I hope this will pass with this part of the cycle. I think (hope!!!) today’s improvements were a step in the right direction. 

So next up, aside from my usual random ramblings, is the port placement on October 3rd. I’ll be so glad once that’s done! (Never thought I’d say those words, ha, but I’m over being poked and prodded.)